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4 product essentials for an instant beauty boost

I am constantly asked WHAT are the best products for the biggest impact and look fabulous in just a few minutes and with hundreds of products that I absolutely LOVE, here is my fastest and most loved solution for a quick beauty boost!

1) Glowing Skin!!! HA!!!, silly mama, I don't mean "actual" glowing skin. I know who you are, you sleep deprived, usually dehydrated mom (thanks for breastfeeding), who forgot to take her vitamins, probably drinks too much caffeine and always remembers to apply SPF on the baby while forgetting her own face. Yes you are most likely anything but glowing right now so let's be real for a moment. I'm talking about the Ohhhh-how-I-wish-I-just-came-back-from-vacation (faux) Glowing Skin!!! It's my HOLY GRAIL of all products and not just because I actually developed this product myself with Jouer's founder Christina's because it's actually amazing and has even won the prestigious ALLURE Magazine's best in beauty! drumroll please............

Jouer-Luminizing Moisture Tint SPF 20!!!!

It's Oil Free, SPF 20 (natural sunscreens Zinc & Titanium Dioxide- that that other chemical stuff) and loaded with goodies such as Ginseng & Ginko Biloba Leaf Extract. It's technically a "Tinted Moisturizer" but what I love is that it's a light to medium coverage so on days when I feel particularly dull or blotchy I can simply apply a little extra to achieve an even, flawless GLOW. It's weightless, so it feels more like a nice (yummy smelling) moisturizer in comparison to some heavier, thicker formulas out there (i.e.: Laura Mercier). Just trust me, you will LOVE IT!!!

2) ROSEY CHEEKS - I'm always amazed when I talk to women about makeup and they say "Blush is not for me". Whaaaaaaat? Blush is for EVERYONE (unless you have a bad case of rosacea maybe). A rosey cheek is the easiest way to look fresh, alive and healthy and with a weightless cream formula it will last all day, unlike most powder blushes or some heavier oil & wax based formulas.

My current FAV is Color & Contour Blush Stick in Bora Bora Coral. Not only is the formula the most flawless and lightweight cream blush but best of all it comes in a STICK that is mechanical twist-up (no sharpener needed), has a unique magnetic cap so it won't break or fall off in your diaper bag and has an awesomely soft, synthetic Kabuki brush applicator on the opposite end of the stick so you don't need to carry any brushes! Just toss it in your bag and go! I also love to apply this blush to my lips also for a light tint of coral. Not into corals & peachy tones, then try to the gorgeous St. Barths Pink.

3) MASCARA - If you do anything at all to make your eyes look bright and happy then I must say it's all about LASHES!!! You can get away with no eyeshadow or eyeliner any day but Mascara is a MUST. The best part about mascara is that there are over 100 drug store brands under $10 so you don't need to splurge and you can try and new one every couple of months until you find one that you absolutely love! Now because Mascara is super personal for each person depending on your personal preference I suggest you just try out a few and have fun!!

4) LIP COLOR- wet glossy lipsticks don't last, stains can feel dry and many lip glosses can be a sticky mess when kids are in play but regardless of these truths, wearing some color on your lips is the fastest way to look pulled together in an instant. Stay away from muddy nude tones if you want to look fresh and rested and try going for a natural rose tone that resembles that of your baby's perfect pout! Here are a few favorites that I keep on hand at all times between my purse, diaper bag, stroller & my car so that i'm never without a little pop for color for my pout.

Trestique- Lip Crayon in Florence Fig- CLICK here

Lipstick Queen's Frog Prince Lipstick- CLICK here

Jouer- Tinted Lip Enhancer- Click here

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