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About Me:


Welcome to my blog, my name Sarah Garcia Azad, wife and mother to two little boys (Darius 2.5 years & Cyrus 11 months old) and founder of this site, dedicated to inspiring you to celebrate and enhance your natural beauty with some approachable and simple beauty techniques that fit your time-starved role as a mother. 


My hope is to take the confusion out of shopping for quality, effective products by using my expert knowledge gained after 15 years in the cosmetic industry. I truly beleive that giving yourself a mini makeover (or makeunder)  is one of the fastest and easiest ways to give an instant boost to your self esteem and give yourself some sweet self love.


I am a born and raised Los Angeles, California girl who grew up here with my 6 siblings (4 of them being sisters) and a mother who always made it a point to "put her best face on" and make sure our hair was combed and clothes were clean before we left the house. It was never about money, as we didn't have much, but rather a point of pride for my Mother.  Leading by example, she simply ingrained in all of us that the way you present yourself to the world matters and that people deserve to experience the best version of yourself. This started my lifelong respect and love for the wonderful world of beauty and later inspired me to pursue it professionally as well. 


In my 15 years of work in the cosmetic industry as a product developer and hair/makeup artist, I have worked extensively with formulators and top beauty brands to create & market some of the industries top performing beauty products. After becoming a mother of 2 boys in the past 2.5 years, I have truly become a master of the 5 minute makeover and quick, beauty tricks for the busy, time-starved and sleep deprived mothers of today.  I thank you for caring enough about yourself to explore the many tips & tricks I will teach you along the way as I build this blog little by little! Stay tuned for some fun stuff and please e-mail me any burning beauty questions as I'd love to hear from you!


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